rate code mapping

The rate code mapping API permits users to input a list of rooms from a single or multiple properties, accompanied by their rate codes and potential extra room features.

The response includes a standardized group name with an accompanying list of rate codes that fall under each standardized group name.

Each standardized group also has a specific group code associated with it.

For testing purposes, utilize the below sandbox key:


A sample request body and its response are available for better understanding.

Within the request body, there's an object which outlines the property name, a unique property Id along with its room list.

It's mandatory that the request body has the propertyList array, and can optionally include a parameters object.

The parameters object holds a boolean attribute named mapWithViews. When activated, the room views get incorporated into the standardized group names.

Otherwise, by default the group names are presented without the room views.

The propertyList array carries the propertyName and roomList.

For the roomList object, both the roomDescription and the rateCode are essential fields.

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