The Reference Room Match API provides a mechanism for users to match room listings using a specific hotel ID from Cupid's Hotel Content (which acts as reference room) with rooms listed by various suppliers for the same property. This capability is particularly useful for platforms seeking to aggregate hotel room data from multiple sources, ensuring that room listings are consistent and comparable across different suppliers.

Users are required to submit input that includes a list of rooms for the specified hotel from various suppliers, each associated with its own unique room ID. Additionally, the input must contain information the reference hotel ID from Cupid's Hotel Content.

Its best to perform hotel mapping with Cupid's reference hotel list which allows enabled to use the reference room match API

Upon processing, the API returns a response that maps each reference room to the corresponding rooms from suppliers, based on the room names and features.

Sandbox Key for Testing:

For developmental and testing purposes, the following sandbox key is provided: e2R4t6Y8u0i3O5p7A9s1D3f5G7h9J2k4.

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